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Threaded Tribes

Mudcloth Cloak Ivy

Mudcloth Cloak Ivy

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  • Outer fabric material: 100% Cotton

  • Care instructions: Do not machine wash, dry clean only


  • black, white


  • Fastening: Laces in the front

  • Details: Front pockets

  • Pattern: Fishbone


The unique qualities of mud cloth are what got designer Beatrice Awurama Mankatah started with Threaded Tribes. It was love at first sight when she discovered the simple, yet elegant fabrics at a stall in Ghana. On top of their visual appeal, its their story that makes them special. The mud cloth tradition is rooted in Malian culture. Originally the fabric was used to create overgarments for hunters. While the earthy coloring made it possible to blend in with nature, the patterns were believed to protect oneself against evil. nowadays the patterns still represent tribal religions, myths, and historical events . Great care is put into the hand weaving and dying of mud cloth.

Made in Ghana

SIZE: only one size

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