ATTO TETTEH is a men’s wear brand, founded in October 2014, and is based in Accra, Ghana.
The brand believes Africa has a story yet to be told. The African man, bold, strong and courageous has always been fashionable. Colour, warmth, energy, sophistication and sartorial elegance is our description of this fashion sense.
George Tetteh, a young menswear designer, is the creative director and founder of ATTO TETTEH.

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Kente Gentlemen convinces through its contemporary interpretation of timeless classics. Innovation and tradition go hand in hand and take an unknown yet exciting path. Honoring the African heritage Kente Gentlemen only makes use of fabrics that are produced by craftsmen and -women in local African communities. The brand is committed to sharing its elegant, handmade designs with the "global village we all belong to".


LARRY JAY is unisex ready to wear Ghanaian brand of fashion clothes and accessories. The brand is generally inspired by nature, various African cultures and arts and draws its major inspirations from the 70’s, that makes its design aesthetic very unusual and timeless. The brand’s aim is to be an empowerment brand, a brand that will give back to society in future, one that caters for the fashionably conscious individuals and one that is ethically and socially responsible to its environment.

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MARCHÉ NOIR, a vogue, unisex brand based in Lomé and Paris, has managed like no one else to translate traditional African aesthetics for Western culture. Thanks to his love for detail, the designer Amah Ayivi has succeeded in creating a timeless style with a touch of Parisienne chic out of traditional African wear.

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Founded in 2018, OLOOH is the sartorial and lifestyle tale of a 21st century artist from Côte d’Ivoire. Olooh means our in Senufo language and echoes Kader Diaby’s approach to creativity.
Using fashion as a loudspeaker, he interprets his country’s untold stories and translates his personal experiences, observations and fascination for Abidjan culture.
With each collection, the brand seeks to explore identity through innovative, well-constructed and timeless pieces. At the heart of OLOOH is an obvious nod to heritage and a desire to search for smarter ways to connect and create within our communities.

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PEPPER ROW is a New-Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brand from Africa. Founded by Omafume Niemogah in 2018. The studio is in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria. The clothes, footwear and accessories are made for the bold, sophisticated and playful free spirits. the Brand's ethos embodies and merges Africa's rich cultural heritage, arts and craftsmanship with modern influences for the global clientele.